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Welcome to the website of the Foundation for Leadership and Messianic Education. FLAME Foundation is committed to the development of quality educational materials for use in Messianic Jewish settings.


The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage and assist leader development and education among Messianic Jewish individuals and congregations. Such purposes are accomplished through the production of contextualized materials.

Our Jewish lifestyle and heritage are integrated with the belief that Yeshua (Jesus) is Messiah and Lord of Israel and the nations. The biblical framework for this heritage is grounded in the Tanakh (Torah, Prophets, Writings) and the B'rit Chadashah (New Covenant).

Taking its inspiration from 2 Timothy 1:6, FLAME Foundation seeks to kindle or "fan into flame" the light which gives life, eternal life. We look forward to serving you!

J.E.F. Initials

Jeffrey Enoch Feinberg, Ph.D.
Director, FLAME Foundation