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Walk! Devotional Commentaries

Walk Genesis!, Walk Exodus!, Walk Leviticus!, Walk Numbers!, and Walk Deuteronomy! by Jeffrey Enoch Feinberg

$12.99+$3.95 shipping and handling each

$54+$5.95 shipping and handling for set of all five

Hebrew Education Workbooks

Jot & Tittle cover Search the Sidra cover Sing the Sidra cover

Jot & Tittle by Pat Feinberg

$18+$3.95 Shipping and Handling

Search the Sidra by Pat Feinberg

$18+$3.95 Shipping and Handling

Sing the Sidra by Pat Feinberg

$36+$3.95 Shipping and Handling

10 copies: $250, shipping and handling free

20 copies: $450, shipping and handling free

Level 3, a Torah chanting workbook for Hebrew readers, 270 pages with audio CD

Set of all three workbooks: Jot and Tittle, Search the Sidra, and Sing the Sidra:

$54+$5.95 Shipping and Handling

Shabbat School Curriculum

Holiday-Centered Shabbat School Materials

Jewish holidays and fulfillments, balanced treatment of Tenach and New Covenant Parallel lessons for three age levels

for ages 1— 3

Enjoy! by Pat Feinberg, $150






for ages 3 — 5

Celebrate! by Jeff and Pat Feinberg, $600

for grades 1 — 2

Discover! by Nancy Lyons with Jeff and Pat Feinberg, $450


Special Discount -- Get All Three!

Enjoy!, Celebrate!, and Discover!, $1000


Torah-Centered Shabbat School Materials

Follow the annual cycle of Torah and Haftarah portions with related New Covenant readings

for grades 3 — 5

Explore! by Jeff and Pat Feinberg with Laurie Heyl and Nancy Lyons; complete set:

Explore Genesis!, Explore Exodus!, Explore Leviticus!, Explore Numbers!, and Explore Deuteronomy!, $300*

*Individual copies available for those who already own a partial set, $60.

Shabbat School Curriculum Order Form Instructions:

Use the interactive form below. Fill in the appropriate information, and click the 'Create Invoice For Printing' button. Verify all information is correct, print out the invoice, and send it in along with your payment.

Please make checks payable to:
FLAME Foundation (Sorry, we are unable to accept credit cards at this time.)

For orders and information, please e-mail


Thank You! Enjoy!

Jeffrey Enoch Feinberg, Ph.D.
Director, FLAME Foundation

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quantity Description
Enjoy! ($150)
Celebrate! ($600)
Discover! ($450)
Enjoy!, Celebrate!, and Discover! ($1000)
Explore! ($300)